Church Buildings

The Spring Hill Church of Christ has ministered in Middletown since 1935. Located in southwestern Ohio, the current church facility is a former elementary school housed on 12 acres of land. Chartered in the “Restoration Movement,” the church is part of the brotherhood of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ around the world.

The church was founded on October 20, 1935 by eight Christian families as the Central Church of Christ. Regular services began on Sunday morning, November 3, at 9:30 a.m. in the Odd Fellow’s Lodge Hall in the Leiber Building in downtown Middletown. There were 38 people present for that first preaching service. Brother L. Edsil Dale, a young man from the Cincinnati Bible Seminary, preached his first sermon that morning and then preached again for the evening service. He proved so satisfactory that he was hired indefinitely. Under the leadership of Brother Dale, the church enjoyed great Christian fellowship and prosperity.

The congregation purchased a small brick building in 1936, located at 1104 First Avenue. At times the members would meet in such places as McCoy’s Funeral Home for their Sunday School classes and also in the basement of their unfinished building. Brother Dale continued to serve as the minister until 1941, after being with the congregation for 5 years.

This body of believers continued to grow and in 1956 relocated to a new building on North Verity Parkway. The name of the church was changed to Parkway Church of Christ. The sanctuary of the Parkway building was completed in 1961.

As the church continued to move forward, the elementary school at 2021 Brell Drive which was up for sale, was purchased. Then on March 18, 1984, the church held its first service at our present location and became known as the Spring Hill Church of Christ. Through three different facilities, the church has remained a constant voice of God’s love.

From 1935 through the present, the following men have served on the church staff:

Senior Ministers: L. Edsil Dale, Leroy Schuler, E. Lacy Satterfield, Grayson Ensign, Henry Reynolds, L. Francis Scheffler, Jr., Donald E. Arnold, Kenneth Sherrod, James Howell, Jack Mays, Steve Lawhon, Mark Sams, Bob Stacy, and Steve Reeves.

Associate Ministers: Don Helper, Gary Sickle, Robert Blackmore II, and Steve Elkins.

Youth Ministers: Chris Daum, Don Manis, Greg Hamilton, Steve Reeves, and Brandon Reeves.

Music Ministers: George Thomas and Chris McBride.

Minister to Seniors: Bob Stacy.

Over the years programs have continued to focus on families, missions, and on demonstrating in a practical, everyday way the transforming power of the Gospel message.

SHCC building