As most of you know, to have 20/20 vision means you have ideal vision for your sight. Unfortunately for some churches, vision can become impaired and they can lose sight of what is most important, and why they exist.  Members’ preference can replace God’s purpose for His church.


As we begin 2020, it’s an exciting year as we look back and reflect on the incredible things God has done through the years – I can’t help but think of the amount of lives (multi-generations even) that have been eternally impacted because they found Jesus among us!


But 2020 is also going to be a year where we look ahead with 20/20 vision on our purpose and mission.

The purpose of the Church has always been 3-fold:

  1. Glorify God
  2. Build up disciples
  3. Make disciples


If we’re not doing that, then we’re not really a church.


I’m reaching out to you and asking you to get on-mission with me as we will be stepping outside our comfort zones this year, growing in community, and reaching out into the communities around us like never before as we exalt the name of Jesus!


We’re starting this year in worship as one body in one service this Sunday at 10:00 (S.S. @ 9) We want to worship and build community at Spring Hill and I’m asking that you be part of it.


I also am calling on you to:

  1. Pray for the mission of SHCC
  2. Come be a part of that mission
  3. And invite others to join you


I love our church so very much (that’s why I’ve been here for 19 years now!) and I believe in the work that God has done through us (for 85 years now!) and what He will do (in the next 85 years!)


Hope to see you Sunday!